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Information for those who currently live or wish to live at an integration reception centre.

What is an integration reception centre?

The integration reception centre programme offers housing and guidance for people who have been, or who are likely to be, granted a residence permit in Norway. The objective of the programme is to make your transition into Norwegian society easier. 

You are free to choose an integration reception centre as a housing option, but you must apply on your own.

When applying to be placed in an integration reception centre, you must also confirm that you wish to participate in the mandatory training programme.

Rights and obligations at an integration reception centre

You must

  • follow the house rules at the reception centre
  • take part in all mandatory activities every day. Many of these are all-day activities.

You will receive

  • the same financial support you would receive if you were staying in an ordinary reception centres
  • free public transport
  • valuable experience from the programme’s activities that will help you to gain a job more quickly, and thus be able to support yourself and your family.
  • key, essential insights into Norwegian society

The training programme consists of

  • instruction in the Norwegian language and on-the-job language training (internship)
  • training in social studies
  • career guidance
  • work-oriented activities
  • activities related to school and education
  • daily tasks at the reception centre
  • other activities that the reception centre arranges in cooperation with NGOs

Individual plan

Together, you and the municipality will create an individual plan for you containing specific goals and a description of your activities. The plan will be based on your expertise and the evaluations carried out by the career guidance advisor. You will have your own contract with the municipality. You will be required to take part in all group and individual activities outlined in your full-time programme. Not participating in the activities, not completing your tasks or not following the house rules is a breach of your contract with the municipality. You will then lose your place in the integration reception centre programme, and you will have to move to an ordinary reception centre.

How to apply

You can apply by filling out this application form (in Norwegian, pdf, 35 kB) and submitting it to the reception centre where you currently live.

UDI will process your application. You can relocate to an integration reception centre where housing is available if your application is approved.

There are at present two integration reception centres in Norway:

  • Kristiansand reception centre
  • Steinkjer municipal reception centre

What if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you will lose your place in the integration reception centre programme. You will then have to move to an ordinary reception centre.