Checklist for Norwegian citizenship

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The applicant is a citizen of : Poland

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Important notice: What happens to your current citizenship?

From 1 January 2020, it is allowed to have one or more citizenships in addition to a Norwegian citizenship.The rules will change both for those who already are Norwegian citizens, and for those who are applying for Norwegian citizenship.

In order for you to have dual citizenship, the other country you are a citizen of must also allow this. 

You must make sure what the rules are in the country you are now a citizen of. You can for example look for information on an official website which belongs to the authorities in this country or ask an embassy.

You do not have to inform Norwegian authorities that you wish to keep your previous citizenship. 

This is what you need to do

  • Print out this list.
  • Check the boxes.
  • Sign and date the list.
  • Bring the list along with the required documents and your copies when you hand these in to the local police.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have handed in all documents on the list which are required for your application. If you do not hand in all necessary documents, you must hand in a written explanation of why you have not. If all relevant documents are not handed in, this may lead to you having to wait longer for an answer or your application being turned down.

You have to show the original documents

It is important that you bring along the original documents when you show up for your appointment with the police.

You must bring your own copies of the original documents with translation

Before your appointment with the police you have to take copies of all original documents you are handing in with your application and bring them along. The police can confirm your copy as a true copy. The police will keep the copy and you may bring your original document home.

Documents that are in another language than Norwegian or English must be translated into Norwegian or English.

The translation must be confirmed by an authorized translator or public interpreter. You must have the document translated before you hand in your application. It is your responsibility to see to the translation and to pay for the costs. 

Documents which all applicants must hand in

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The cover letter is the attachment you received via email when you registered your application online. Please print it and bring it with you. If you are handing in your application at a Danish embassy, please bring a filled-out application form instead. (

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You must show your original passport or national ID card to the police. 

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For the past ten years or for the years you have held a permit in Norway if this is less than ten years. 

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Please fill in, in the application form in the Application Portal, all the trips abroad which you have made in the past ten years, or since you were born or moved to Norway, if that was less than ten years ago. Please count back from today's date.

If there isn't sufficient place in the Application Portal to fill in all your travels, you can hand in an extra sheet of paper.

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For instance: if you plan to study or work abroad.

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You must apply for the criminal record certificate on the police website. There you will also find information about how long it will take to get your certificate. (external website, opens in new window)

After you have logged in, you must choose "Citizenship" under Category", and "Application for Norwegian citizenship." under "Purpose".

If you do not already have a permanent residence permit or permanent right of residence in Norway

If you apply for Norwegian citizenship without having a permanent residence permit  or permanent right of residence first, you must also hand in the documents on the checklist for applications for a permanent residence permit or the documents on the checklist for application for permanent right of residence for EU/EEA nationals and their family members

Documentation of Norwegian courses (for those between the ages of 18 and 67)

You must have completed courses in Norwegian and social studies.

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The course certificate must show that you have completed the mandatory courses in Norwegian and social studies. You can check how many hours of courses you must complete on the page with information about courses in the Norwegian language for people applying for citizenship.

Documentation of passed Norwegian test and social studies test (for those between 18 and 67 years old)

You must also have passed a Norwegian test and a social studies test.

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If you have lost your certificate, you can find information on the website of Skills Norway (external website, opens in new window) about how to get a copy. 

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If you have lost your certificate, you must contact the place where you took the test in order to get a new one. 

If you have not participated in the Norwegian language tuition or passed the oral Norwegian test

You can be exempted from the requirement for having completed Norwegian classes and the requirement for having passed an oral Norwegian test at a minimum of level A2 if you can hand in one of these types of documentation:

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This can be the Norskprøve 2 or 3, written and oral, or Bergenstesten, or another oral and written Norwegian test at a minimum level of A2.

If you have not passed the social studies test in Norwegian

You can be exempted from the requirement to have passed the social studies test in Norwegian if you can hand in one of these types of documentation:

If you are unable to complete the Norwegian classes or the tests due to health reasons or other weighty reasons

If the municipality (kommunen) has previously granted you an exemption from the requirement for tuition in Norwegian and social studies, or the requirement to have passed the tests 

If you have a Norwegian spouse, partner or cohabitant

This only apply to you if you have stayed in Norway, and held residence permits that were each valid for at least one year, for less than seven years.

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Fill in the UDI's Declaration of relationship form (pdf, 616 kB) (

If you have changed your name since moving to Norway

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If you have changed your name since you moved to Norway, you need to fill in Name change form (pdf, 542 kB) ( and hand it in with the application. If you changed your last name because you got married, you do not need to fill in this form. 

Additional documents for applicants under the age of 18

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For children between the age of 6 and 16.

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Only relevant if one of the parents does not have custody, or somebody besides the parents has custody.

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If the parental responsibility is shared, both parents must consent to the child’s application for Norwegian citizenship by signing the child’s application. Both parents must bring ID when they attend the appointment with the police. If only one parent attend the appointment with the police, they must bring the ID (original or copy) of the other parent.

If one of the parents is abroad, he/she must submit a written consent for his/her child becoming Norwegian to the nearest Norwegian embassy, and bring ID.

If you are planning to live abroad because you or your spouse/cohabitant/parent are going to work, travel or receive medical treatment