Checklist for you who are applying for family immigration with your spouse (Immigration Act section 40) Checklist for family immigration with spouse

The information on this page is personalised for

The applicant is a citizen of : United States

Is the reference person a Norwegian/Nordic citizen, or a citizen of a different country?: The reference person is a Norwegian or Nordic citizen

Does the reference person have a job?: Yes

Is the reference person a self-employed person (selvstendig næringsdrivende)?: No

Did the reference person attend education last year, or is the reference person going to attend education?: No

Does the reference person receive money from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV)?: The reference person does not receive any benefits from NAV

Did the reference person earn more than NOK 300 000 pre-tax last year?: Yes

DUF number/date of birth:

Who is the applicant and who is the reference person?

The applicant is the person who wants to move to Norway, or continue living here, and who needs a residence permit. When we use the word "you", we are speaking to the applicant.

The reference person is the spouse living in Norway.

This is how you use this list

This is a list that tells you which documents you have to hand in when you apply for family immigration. Some of the documents you need to get, some the reference person in Norway needs to get.

You have to:

  1. print this list.
  2. tick the box for each document you have found.
  3. sign on the last page.

You have to hand in this list, the questionnaire and copies of all the documents at the police, the application centre or the embassy. You also have to bring the original documents. The original documents must be verified with a stamp. Se the end of the list for more information about how the documents need to be stamped.

The documents you have to hand in

Application documents

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The cover letter is the attachment you received via e-mail when you registered your application online. Please print it and bring it with you. If it was not possible for you to apply online, please bring a filled-out application form. (

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You can use this form Form for granting Power of Attorney (pdf, 677 kB) ( or the form you received by email when you registered your application in the Application Portal.

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You need to print this list of documents (this page on the Internet you are looking at right now). Tick the box for all the documents you hand in, and hand in this list together with all the documents you are going to hand in. Remember to sign on the print-out.

Identity documents for you who are the applicant

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  • If you hand in your application in Norway, you normally only need to show your passport and hand in the copies.
  • If you hand in your application abroad, you must normally hand in both your passport and the copies. If you need your passport back before you receive an answer to your application, please contact the place where you hand in the application. 

Form with questions about you and your spouse

You have to fill out a form with questions about you and your spouse. It is you who are the applicant who must fill out this form, it is not to be filled out by the reference person in Norway.

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You can find the form here (pdf, 665 kB) ( Remember to sign on the last page of the form.

You have to answer all the questions in the form as accurately as you can, even if some of the questions are not apt to your situation.

Documents about your family

Documents you must hand in about the reference person’s job

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In the contract/confirmation it must be clear how long the employment will last and the scope (full time or part-time) of the employment. If your work is temporary, you should enclose a confirmation from your employer if it is possible to prolong your contract.

Are you uncertain whether the reference person meets the requirement for income? Check the requirements at

Confirmation that the reference person is not receiving financial assistance from NAV (økonomisk sosialhjelp)

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Documents you have to hand in if they apply to the reference person’s current situation

If you already are in Norway, and wish to hand in your application in Norway

Please note! You do not have to hand in any documentation to show that you have the right to hand in your application in Norway if you

    • have a residence permit in Norway, or
    • do not need a visa to visit Norway and have been here for less than 90 days when you hand in the application to the police, or
    • have applied for asylum and are waiting for an answer. Please note! If you have received a rejection from the UDI, your request to stay in Norway until you have received an answer to your appeal cannot have been rejected.

If you are in Norway on a visitor’s visa (Schengen visa), you must hand in the following documents:

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  • If you have completed an education or a degree at a university or university college, you must hand in your diploma or other documentation which shows what education or degree you have completed.
  • If you have completed a vocational training programme at upper secondary school level, you must hand in both a diploma and a transcript of your grades which shows how long the education lasted, the level and the content.
  • If you have taken education which you have not completed,  you must hand in documentation which shows how long the education lasted, the level and the content.

If you have previously handed in this documentation to the UDI, you do not have to hand it in again. 

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You must hand in documents which contain detailed information from your previous employers regarding how long you worked there, what training you were given, your work tasks and your qualifications. 

You only need to document work experience in addition to, or instead of, documentation of education if the work experience should be part of the assessment of whether or not you are a skilled worker. 

If you are missing any of the documents on this list

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You can use the form, Explanation why I cannot hand in one or more documents (pdf, 662 kB) (, to explain why you can’t hand in one or more of the documents. Remember to sign the form.

Originals and copies of the documents

Requirements for documents from Norway

You do not need to bring originals of documents from Norwegian authorities. You are only to hand in a copy of the document. The copy does not need to be stamped.

Requirements for documents from other countries than Norway