Income requirement in family immigration cases

When someone applies for family immigration, the reference person must document that they have a steady source of income. In some cases it is possible to be exempted from this requirement.

On this page, we use the words 'reference person' and 'applicant

  • The reference person = the family member living in Norway.
  • The applicant = the person who wants to move to Norway or continue living here and who needs a residence permit

How much must the reference person have earned last year?

The reference person must have had an income of at least NOK 252 472 per year pre-tax in 2015.

This must be taxable income stated in the tax assessment notice, or income which your employer has reported to the Tax authorities in your statement of pay and tax deductions (lønns- og trekkoppgave). If the information about your income in 2015 is not available, we will use your income from 2014. Check here if we will look at your income from 2014 or 2015.

How much must the reference person earn now? 

You must have a total income of at least NOK 252 472 per year pre-tax . It must be probable that are going to have this income for at least another year. You may later be asked to document that you had this income the first year your family member was in Norway. 

Approved income

  • income from employment
  • sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental support, disability pension or retirement pension from the National Insurance scheme
  • other permanent pensions or periodical benefits (insurance payments or similar) 
  • introduction benefit for newly arrived immigrants
  • loans or grants received in connection with studies
  • If the applicant is already in lawful employment in Norway, the applicant's income can be included in order to meet the requirement.

You can have one or more or these types of income. 

Income that is not approved

  • social security benefits, housing support, work assessment allowance, any benefits you receive because you have children
  • own funds (money in an account)

The reference person cannot have received social security benefits

The reference person cannot have received social security benefits (except housing support) or have received qualification benefits from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (Nav) during the past year.
It is acceptable, however, if you received the social security benefit while you were waiting for National Insurance benefits that are on the list of approved income above.

Special rules for some groups

  • The reference person has been granted protection (asylum)

  • The applicant is under the age of 15 and has no carers in their home country

  • The appplicant is a child who was born in Norway

  • The reference person has a residence permit as a student (study permit)

  • The reference person is a student who is a Norwegian or Nordic citizen or holds a permanent residence permit

  • The reference person receives a retirement pension or disability pension

  • The reference person is a child under the age of 18

  • The reference person is a witness or a victim of human trafficing

  • The reference person has capital of at least NOK 1 million

  • The reference person completed military service last year

  • The reference person has a residence permit for work

  • None of the above: Special exemptions