Questionnaire for parent who is going to visit a child for up to nine months

DUF number/date of birth:

Application questionnaire to be filled out by the applicant (not the reference person in Norway) 

The UDI will look at your answers when we process your application. It is therefore important that you fill in this questionnaire as accurately as possible, even if not all the questions are relevant to your situation. 


Information about you


  1. Address (present and previous)



  1.  Education




  1. Do you live alone? If not, with whom do you live?



  1. How do you support yourself financially?




  1. Do you have any health problems?




  1. When did you arrive Norway? Or when do you plan to come to Norway?



Information about you and your child in Norway (please use another sheet for writing down this information



  1. Please list your closest family (spouse/partner/cohabitant, parents, children, grandchildren). Write down their names, age, place of residence, marital status



  1. If any of the persons listed in question seven are deceased, please state the time of their death



  1. If you are divorced from your former spouse, please state when you got divorced




  1. When did you and the reference person last see each other?




  1. How and how often do you and the reference person keep in touch?




  1. Do you keep in contact with family in your country of origin, or with family resident in other countries?