Residence permit for victims of abuse

The UDI will prioritise applications for a residence permit for victims of abuse. But there are still some steps your case must go through before we can process it.

You apply


 You book an appointment    You book an appointment   

You book an appointment for handing in the application.


Interview with the police Interview with the police

The police interview you about what you have been subjected to.


You are waiting for the decision 


Your case is forwarded to the UDI Your case is forwarded to the UDI

The police forward your application to the UDI for processing.


The UDI considers the case  The UDI considers the case 

We consider whether we have the information we need. Sometimes we need to get more information.


The UDI makes a decision in your case The UDI makes a decision in your case

When we have the information we need, we make a decision whether to grant or reject the application.


You have received the decision 


If you have been granted a permit If you have been granted a permit

Most residence permits are granted for three years.


If your application is rejected If your application is rejected

If your application is rejected, you can appeal the decision. When you appeal the UDI will reconsider your case. The UDI can either grant your appeal or forward it to the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) for consideration. 

If you do not appeal, you must leave Norway.


UNE makes a decision in your caseUNE makes a decision in your case

UNE will consider your case again, and either reject or grant your appeal.


You leave Norway You leave Norway

If UNE also rejects your appeal, there are no other possibilities of appeal. In that case, you must leave Norway. 

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