Information about the situation in Sudan and applications for residence in Norway

Due to the serious and unpredictable security situation in Sudan, the Norwegian embassy in Khartoum is now temporarily closed.

Published: 27.04.2023

The Norwegian embassy in Khartoum is now temporarily closed and cannot assist with consular assistance. The embassy does not accept applications for residence permits. The Swedish embassy in Khartoum is also closed, and it is therefore not possible to apply for a visa to Norway via Sweden now.

For questions about applications for visas and residence permits in Norway, contact the Norwegian embassy in Nairobi, which is the responsible hub station for applications from Sudan. The embassy can be contacted by e-mail

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to Sudan and encourages Norwegian citizens to leave the country. Fighting is still going on in Khartoum and other parts of the country. Airplanes, helicopters and heavy artillery are used in the fighting.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a page with frequently asked questions for Norwegian citizens in Sudan (external website) (in Norwegian only) on its website.

Norwegian citizens who want assistance or contact with the Norwegian authorities are encouraged to register at or via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' app "Reiseklar". Norwegian citizens in Sudan can also contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' operational center by e-mail or telephone +47 23 95 00 00.

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