Information for foreign nationals affected by cancelled flights

Foreign nationals who cannot return home before their permit, visa, or visa-free stay expires due to cancelled flights must change their tickets, obtain new tickets or find an alternative travel solution.

Published: 11.07.2022

If you experience difficulties leaving Norway before your departure deadline, it may result in rejection of entry or expulsion. It is imperative that you hold on to any documentation showing that it has been impossible for you to find alternative ways to return home. You must present this documentation if a deportation or expulsion case is created upon your departure from Norway. You will also need this documentation if you ever apply for a visa to enter Norway at a later point in time. Do not submit this documentation to UDI now.

You do not need to contact UDI. We cannot give you confirmation that you can stay in Norway. UDI will consider your documented attempts to leave in time if an expulsion or deportation case is created.

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