Some applications for right of residence have been put on hold

Unfortunately, there are some applications for right of residence that we must wait to process.

Published: 25.03.2024

There may be changes to the rules for applications for right of residence, and the government has decided that UDI must wait to process applications from some applicants.

We must wait to process applications from family members of EEA citizens in Norway who are:

  • about to get married
  • foster children under the age of 18
  • siblings under the age of 18
  • in need of care (people with serious health problems and who are in need of care)

UDI Regulations have a detailed list of all types of family members who must wait for their application to be processed (in Norwegian only) (external website).

This means that if you are a family member mentioned on this list, it may take a long time before you receive a response to your application.

The government has decided that this applies to applications we have already received as well as new applications.

If you apply without documenting your health insurance, or the health insurance does not meet the requirements, we have to put your application on hold.

If you are not mentioned in the list above, we will process your application.

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