Stricter requirements for Norwegian skills to obtain Norwegian citizenship

The Storting has decided that there will be stricter requirements for skills in oral Norwegian to obtain Norwegian citizenship.

Published: 30.10.2020 - Last changed: 01.12.2021

The change will apply at the earliest to applications submitted in autumn 2022 or later. We will update the information about the new requirements when it is decided from which time the changes will apply.

What will the requirements be?

  • The requirement for knowledge of oral Norwegian will be raised from level A2 to level B1 for the right to citizenship upon application
  • It will no longer be required to do Norwegian language training or compulsory education in Norwegian and social studies in accordance with the Introduction Act to obtain citizenship
  • It may be grant exemptions from the requirement for a test in oral Norwegian for applicants who, due to personal circumstances over which the person in question has no control or health reasons, are not able to reach level B1 in oral Norwegian

There will still be a requirement to have passed the citizenship test.

Here you will find more information about the bill from the government (external website) (content only available in Norwegian).

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