How are the facilities at the National Arrival Centre?

At the National Arrival Centre, you will sleep in a tent hall. There are a few rooms dedicated for use by particularly vulnerable people. We evaluate individual needs for a room on a case-by-case basis.
At the National Arrival Centre, the following will be provided:
  • 3 meals a day. Children will receive fruit and yoghurt in between the main meals
  • Food appropriate for babies/children
  • Package of clothing and footwear
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Toilet and shower access
  • Access to a washing machine for clothes
  • 24-hour workforce (personnel is available at all times)
  • Access to healthcare when needed
  • Access to a small exercise room used for training or table tennis
  • Dedicated areas for children to watch cartoons, draw, do crafts or play with toys
  • Volunteer organisations come almost every day to set up handicraft activities for children and adults, and Norwegian language training for those who choose to participate

Although the centre is surrounded by fences, you are free to exit and reenter as you wish; you will not be locked inside the National Arrival Centre.

Read more about the different activities you will go through at the arrival centre. 

Once you have completed all activities required as part of the application registration process, you will move somewhere else.