Can UDI or the hotels that receives refugees accept gifts that you pass on to refugees?

No, unfortunately, UDI and the hotels that recevies refugees in collaboration with the municipalities cannot accept gifts for regugees.

We encourage you who want to help refugees to see what the established, voluntary organizations write on their websites about what kind of help they organize and whether they need help from private individuals.  

We experience a vast commitment from private people who want to help. We appreciate the dedication. However, we want your help to be useful in the best possible way.   

Those who apply for asylum in Norway get the essentials they need at the National Arrival Center: A package with clothes and shoes for all seasons, bedding and hygiene packages for adults and children (diapers etc.).   

At the National Arrival Centre, we have to spend our time taking care of those who have arrived, and unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to receive and hand out gifts.