Are you experiencing abuse, exploitation or pressure to act against your will?

You have the right to be safe in Norway. You can get free help if:

  • you feel unsafe where you live and need a new place to live
  • someone pressures you to do something you don't want in return for travel or housing
  • someone exploits or pressures you sexually
  • someone forces or pressures you to do work, favours or a criminal act
  • you are a victim of violence or abuse

Are you in danger? / Is your life at risk in Norway?

Please call the police at 112 if you need immediate help. If there is no urgency, you can call 02800.

When you register, you will have rights as an asylum seeker.

You must register with the police (external website) to obtain legal residence and access to rights. You have the right to a safe place to live for free, and you will receive financial support to live on.

You may be entitled to collective protection

If you are from Ukraine, you may be entitled to collective protection. Collective protection grants you a residence permit and the right to a place to live in a municipality in Norway.

Do you live in a private residence and need a new place to live?

Contact UDI's Information Service by phone: (+47) 23 35 16 00.
Open Monday to Friday from 10:00—14:30.

Is someone acting violent or pressuring/forcing you to do something you do not want to do?

Talk to us – we can help you: 

  • Healthcare professionals
  • UDI or the police when you register (external website) as an asylum seeker
  • Staff or volunteers at the reception centre where you are staying
  • The refugee service or others who work in the municipality where you are staying

Orientation videos from the police:

Do you want to talk to someone who is not from the government? Do you want to speak anonymously?

You can call these helplines and talk with volunteer organisations. You do not have to give your name.

  • Caritas helpline is available free of charge in Ukrainian and Russian  through WhatsApp. Open Monday-Thursday (10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m). Please call (+47) 31 40 23 00.
  • ROSA helpline on human trafficking available in Norwegian and English. Always open. They can assist with an interpreter. Please call: (+47) 22 33 11 60.

Are you a child or a youth?

You can call Alarmtelefonen (emergency phone service) for children and young people at 116111. It is a 24-hour telephone and chat service in Norwegian and English. They can assist with an interpreter.

Do you need health care?

After arriving in Norway, you have the right to health care if you need it. Find out more about health services and your rights here: Health care for asylum seekers and refugees in Norway - (external website).

Are you experiencing violence or abuse?

Find information on how to get help at (external website). The site is available in many languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

Do you want to know more about working in Norway and what rights and obligations you have?

Information from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority is available at (external website). You can select from a variety of languages ​​on the webpage, including English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Do you want to help others who may be vulnerable?

See UDI's refugee-crisis webpage for resources for authorities and others interested in helping.