Ukrainians have their residence permits extended

Ukrainians who have had temporary collective protection will have their residence permit in Norway extended by a further year.

Published: 19.02.2024

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has now made a change in the Immigration Regulations which means that Ukrainians who have had temporary collective protection for two years can be granted continued residence for a further year. It is a condition for extension that one still fulfills the conditions for the first-time residence permit. 

The scheme means that those covered by it are granted a residence permit for one year following a simplified procedure and without an individual assessment of the need for protection. The first extended permits expire in March 2024.

Upon expiry, the permits will be renewed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI), and those covered do not need to apply for such an extension. UDI and the police will also ensure that expired residence cards are renewed. 

However, persons who are no longer included in the circle of persons covered by the scheme will not be entitled to have their residence permits extended. This applies, for example, to Ukrainians with multiple citizenships, when one of the citizenships is in a safe country. 

Here you can read the press release from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion (external website)

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