Received an answer Have been granted Norwegian citizenship

UDI will send you the decision letter by mail.

Please read the letter from the UDI carefully. It will tell you what to do now and what type of decision has been made in your case. 

If you have been notified that your application for Norwegian citizenship was accepted before 15 June 2020, and have not been able to book an appointment with the police yet. UDI will now send you the decision letter by mail by the end of July. We are working on doing this as soon as possible. You do not need to contact us about this, and you will not get your letter faster if you call. You can dismiss the information about collecting the decision letter at the police station. Follow the information in the new letter that you will receive. If you have Digipost, we will send you the letter by that, if not, you will receive it by mail.

What type of decision has been made in your case?

  • Norwegian citizenship granted by application

  • Norwegian citizenship granted by notification

  • I have become a Norwegian citizen, but have been told to renounce (give up) my previous citizenship

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