How will I get my travel document if I applied on 16 April 2021 or later?

Some applicants can get their travel document without meeting with the police again. If this applies to you, the police will send you the travel document in the mail, and you do not need to book an appointment. Read below who must meet with the police to get a travel document. 

I have applied for protection (asylum) for the first time and have been granted protection and travel documents

If you have applied for asylum for the first time with the police, the police will contact you and give you an appointment. You must meet with the police, but you do not have to book an appointment yourself. 

I have applied for a renewal of my travel document, or I have applied for derived refugee status

You must book an appointment if you have a Norwegian alien's passport or travel document for refugees that has expired and that you have not already given to the police. 

You should not book an appointment if you handed in your old travel document to the police when you applied. You also do not need to book an appointment if you have applied for derived refugee status and receive a travel document for the first time. The police will send the travel document to you in the mail. 

At the police, you must take a picture and give fingerprints. 

What do you need to do to receive the travel document in the mail? 

  • Register as a new mail recipient in Norway (external website)at Posten, if you have not already done so. 
  • Check that you are registered with the correct postal address at Posten (external website), if you are already registered as a postal recipient. The site requires login with BankID or MinID.
  • Make sure you have your name on the mailbox, otherwise you will not receive the travel document.  
  • If the travel document gets lost in the mail, you must fill in a report that your passport is lost and send it to the police. If your travel document has been stolen, you must report it to the police. If you lose your travel document, you will not automatically receive a new one. You must then apply to renew the travel document.
  • You should not book trips abroad until you have received the new residence card. 

How to book an appointment? 

Booking an appointment 

If you filled in and sent your application electronically, you can now log in to book the appointment

Booking an appointment by phone 

If you did not fill in an electronic application form when you applied, you must instead call your local police district to book an appointment. You cannot call UDI to book an appointment.