Can I travel to Norway?

If you are not already in Norway when your application is granted, you may now travel to Norway.

First, you must check whether you need a visa to enter Norway. Please check whether you need a visa.

If you do not need a visa 

You can travel to Norway at any time within the deadline stated in your decision (normally six months).

If you need a visa

  • The visa you need is called an entry visa
  • UDI will ask the embassy which is responsible for your case to issue you this visa; you do not need to apply for one.
  • The Visa Application Centre where you handed in the application or the embassy will contact you to agree on a time for you to come and collect your visa. It will take up to a week for them to contact you. You will collect your visa at the same place as you handed in the application.  
  • The visa will state the latest date on which you can travel to Norway. You must therefore notify the embassy about when you plan to go, so that the visa is valid when you need it.