Period of entry ban (2014)

This Ad Hoc Query concerns entry bans for third-country nationals.

In the context of amendments to Lithuanian policy, they asked the following questions about the use of entry bans for third-country nationals:

  1. Do your legal acts establish the direct link between the concrete ground and concrete time limit of a third country national’s entry prohibition?
  2. If the answer to the 1st question is “Yes“, please propose the provisions of relevant legal acts which regulate grounds and terms of entry prohibition.
  3. If your legal acts establish not concrete entry ban time limits based on the same ground or provide only the limits of entry ban period, please clarify the touchstones of time limit of alien’s entry prohibition’s evaluation and introduce the provisions of relevant legal acts.

19 countries including Norway responded to this query. They largely divide into two groups; one group where legal acts establish a concrete, direct link between the ground and time limit of a TCN’s entry prohibition; and one larger group where each case is assessed individually.

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