Registered partnership (2013)

This ad hoc query concerns formalities regarding registered partnerships.


Ad-Hoc Query on registered partnership (pdf, 153 kB)


In Spain, the right to family reunification under the Family Reunification Directive is extended to registered partners as well as to married couples. This raises certain questions of what exactly a registered partnership is, and so Spain has requested information on how other EMN members define and regulate registered partnerships, in order to determine what sort of documentation could be requested of such relationships.

The following questions were asked:

  1. Are there public registers in your country in which cohabiting partnership must register to be considered as such?
  2. If they exist, is there a unique general register or different territorial registers? And if there are territorial registers, are they interconnected and share their records?
  3. Which requirements must be met in order to register a cohabiting partnership?
  4. If there are not such registers, which are the requirements for a steady partnership to be recognised as a cohabiting partnership?

Many countries responded that they had no particular register of such relationships, and some do not recognize them for immigration purposes.

Norway did not respond to this query.

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