Regulatory framework to control inflow of foreign workers (2013)

This Ad Hoc Query concerns labor migration regulation.


Ad-Hoc Query on regulatory framework to control inflow of foreign workers (pdf, 390 kB) 


This Ad Hoc Query was requested in the preparation for the Lithuanian EMN Annual Conference on 5th and 6th November 2013.

It requests information on each country's policies for controlling the inflow of foreign workers. Questions are asked about the use of the following measures: (1) labor market tests, (2) shortage lists, (3) quotas and (4) any other measures countries may use.

25 countries, including Norway, responded to the query.

Most countries use a labor market test, but many countries exempt certain categories of workers from the tests, depending on local labor market needs. Many countries also use shortage lists, but these are not as widely used as labor market tests. Some member states use the shortage lists to define exemptions from the labor market tests. Quotas, either absolute limits or "softer" guideline limits, are also used in some countries.

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