THB centre funding (2013)

This Ad Hoc Query concerns reception of victims of human trafficking.


Ad-Hoc Query on THB centre funding (pdf, 264 kB)


In Belgium, apart from legislation on the victim assistance, support and identification, different tools and budgets are used to finance the specialised centres in charge of the victim support and sheltering. Belgium has recently opened specialized reception centers for victims of trafficking in human beings (THB).

In order to obtain information on how other EMN members organize reception on victims of THB, Belgium has asked the following questions:

  1. How does your Member State finance assistance and support mechanisms for victims of human trafficking?
  2. Has your Member State established a fund for the fight against THB?
  3. If so, what is the nature of the financial resources that are allocated to the fund (e.g. confiscated criminal assets or fines imposed on the offenders)?
  4. For what actions and measures can such a fund be used (assistance and support, preventive actions and awareness raising campaigns, compensation of VoT)?

20 countries responded to the query, and representing a wide variety of approaches to the assistance of victims of trafficking.

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