Pathways out of Irregularity (2011)

On 10 October 2011 EMN Norway organised the conference "Pathways out of Irregularity". On this page you may download the presentations, a report summarising the conference and the minutes from the cluster meeting.


Pathways out of Irregularity Conference Report (pdf, 102 kB)

Cholewinski: Pathways out of Irregularity (pdf, 378 kB)

Touzenis: Children in the Migration Process (pdf, 1 MB)

Terland: The Returns Directive as an Operational and Efficient Tool and the Usefulness of Readmission Agreements (pdf, 187 kB)

Feijen: The return of persons found not to be in need of international protection, pdf, 235 kB)

Søvig: Provision of welfare to irregular migrants (pdf, 196 kB)

Søvig: Excerpt of relevant Norwegian legislation with an unofficial translation (pdf, 374 kB)

Søvig: Factsheet Nowhereland (pdf, 3 MB)

Fact sheet – Regularisation of Irregular Immigrants in Belgium (pdf, 194 kB)

Kraler: Regularisation of Irregular Migrants in the European Union (pdf, 738 kB)

Ndouba: Irregularity and pathways out of irregularity in Spain (pdf, 1 MB)

Williams: The Swedish Regularisation Experience (pdf, 763 kB)

Gebhart: Regularisation of Irregular Immigrants in Belgium (pdf, 588 kB)

Cluster meeting programme (pdf, 169 kB)

Cluster meeting opening remarks (pdf, 273 kB)

Kratzmann: Research-Policy Nexus in the area of Migration and Integration )pdf, 119 kB)

Petzl: Finding Effective Strategies for making EMN research based knowledge useful for policy makers (pdf, 433 kB)

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