Asylum applications of unaccompanied minors lodged in Norway by nationality and month (2019)

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January 2019: Asylum applications of unaccompanied minors1 lodged in Norway by nationality and month.
Afghanistan 4
Eritrea 4
Iran 1
Syrian Arab Republic 6
Total 15

1Unaccompanied minor asylum seeker is an asylum seeker who claims to be under 18 years of age and who has no parents or others with parental responsibility in Norway.

Statistics on Asylum applications will be published monthly at the following dates in 2019 at 10 am:
05.03.2019 Statistics January - February
04.04.2019 Statistics January - March
07.05.2019 Statistics January - April
05.06.2019 Statistics January - May
04.07.2019 Statistics January - June
06.08.2019 Statistics January - July
05.09.2019 Statistics January - August
04.10.2019 Statistics January - September
05.11.2019 Statistics January - October
05.12.2019 Statistics January - November
Statistics 2019 - to be announced later

Kilde/Source: Utlendingsdirektoratet/Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)

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