Unaccompanied minors and vulnerable adults

You can be granted support as a vulnerable applicant if you

  • are a young adult in the 18 to 23 age group who came to Norway as an unaccompanied minor asylum seeker 
  • are a possible victim of human trafficking 
  • are a victim of violence, coercion or exploitation
  • have special medical needs
  • are single and over the age of 60

What kind of support can you be given?

  • a plane ticket to your home country
  • health checks and necessary vaccinations
  • help to obtain a passport and travel documents. You must cooperate on this.
  • advice from the International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • help to plan your journey
  • follow-up for up to 12 months after you have returned to your home country
  • a financial grant of up to NOK 20 000 in cash
  • a financial grant of NOK 22 000, in services for example for housing, education, starting a business, work training, medication, food and clothes.
  • NOK 10 000 in cash to caregivers, if they collaborate on the return
  • You can ask to travel together with an IOM employee, a healthcare employee, or a friend, if you cannot or do not wish to travel alone.

How will your return be organised?

  • You will be told in advance when you are to leave, and you will travel as an ordinary passenger on a scheduled flight.
  • You can receive help during the journey and in connection with stopovers.
  • Transport will normally be arranged for you all the way to your place of origin.

How to apply?

  • You must create a user account and fill in the UDI application form for assisted return. 
  • IOM, the asylum reception centre where you live and the UDI regional office can help you to apply. 
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If your application for assisted return is denied

  • If you disagree with the decision from UDI you can write an appeal. When you appeal you should explain why the decision is wrong. You should also submit any new information or new documents if applicable.
  • You can submit your appeal on «Appealing a decision» (external website), or by letter to:

UDI Returenheten – VARP
Postboks 2098 Vika
NO-0125 Oslo

  • If UDI does not reverse the decision after considering your appeal, it will be assessed again by The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.
  • You still have the obligation to leave Norway. If your deadline for leaving Norway has expired you do not have the right to stay in Norway while your appeal is being processed.  
  • If you leave Norway while your appeal is being processed, please send us an email at Varp@udi.no with your contact information, so that we can get in touch with you. 

If you want to withdraw your application for assisted return

If you wish to withdraw your application for assisted return, you must notify UDI by email: varp@udi.no, or by phone: +47 23 35 16 00.