Citizenship for people who are household members of deployed personnel

The main rule is that you must have a valid residence permit to meet the requirements for Norwegian citizenship. An exception to this requirement has nevertheless been made for you who are a household member of deployed personnel at a Norwegian foreign station or, or if you are a household member of military personnel who have been ordered to serve abroad.

Requirements to get Norwegian citizenship

Suppose you are a member of the same household as 

  • deployed personnel by a Norwegian foreign service mission, or  
  • military personnel who have been ordered to serve abroad 

In that case, you may calculate the length of residence abroad with the Norwegian citizen deployed. You may also get exemptions from the requirement to be and remain resident in Norway, the requirement for a permanent residence permit, and Norwegian and social studies. To be eligible for an exemption, you must:  

  • not be a citizen of the country where you lived together with deployed personnel
  • be registered in the Norwegian National Population Register (Folkeregisteret) in relation to the Norwegian citizen who has been deployed

You must submit documentation showing where you have been resident throughout the time you have been resident abroad as a household member of deployed or military personnel.