Want to apply Travel document for emergencies (laissez-passer)

If your travel document (passport) is lost or stolen while you are travelling abroad, you can apply for a temporary travel document to return to Norway. This is a kind of emergency passport.

The travel document that you can be issued in such cases is called a 'laissez-passer'. This is a document (a sheet of paper) that you can use to cross borders in order to get home to Norway. It does not look like a passport. 

Requirements to get a travel document for emergencies

  • Your travel document has been lost, stolen or destroyed, or it has expired. The travel document can be a Norwegian immigrant's passport or refugee travel document. It can also be a passport from your home country, if you cannot obtain a new passport from your home country in the place where you are travelling.
  • You must hold a valid residence permit in Norway.

How to apply

  1. Contact the nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate for help.
  2. Fill in the form Application for a travel document (pdf, 255 kB) and submit it to the embassy or consulate.

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