Application requirements

What does an entry ban entail?

  • If you have been expelled from Norway, an entry ban is imposed for two, five years, ten years or permanently. 
  • If this applies to you, you have either been deported from Norway by the police, or you have received a letter from UDI informing you that you have been issued an entry ban.
  • You may not reenter Norway until the period of the entry ban has expired.
  • If you do wish to return to Norway before the ban expires, you must submit an application. 
  • UDI can lift the entry ban or allow you to come to Norway for a short visit. We will consider the reasons you give and your need to enter Norway in relation to the grounds for expulsion as well as concerns regarding public order and national security.
  • If you have been expelled from Norway for a period of two or five years, and you have children in Norway with Norwegian citizenship, residence permit or right of residence according to the EU/EEA regulations, you may apply for family immigration within six months of the date when the entry ban expires. You must fulfil the requirements for a new residence permit (except for the requirement of not being subject to an entry ban) at the time when UDI makes a decision on the case of family immigration. Although a new permit can be granted before your entry ban expires, you cannot travel to Norway until after the entry ban period has expired.

Requirements for lifting an entry ban

  • There must be new circumstances in your case.
  • You must have a special reason for wanting to travel to Norway, for example that you are going to give evidence in court, attend a funeral or visit a seriously ill family member. 

When can you apply?

Normally, one year must have passed since you left Norway.