Applying for protection (asylum) when you already have a residence permit in Norway

If you have a permanent residence permit, or a temporary residence permit that forms the basis for a permanent residence permit, you cannot be granted protection (asylum) in Norway.

Since you have a residence permit, you can continue to live in Norway even if your application for protection is rejected.

It is important that you apply for renewal of your residence permit

If your current residence permit expires soon, it is important that you apply for renewal of the permit. If your residence permit expires without you having applied for renewal of the permit, and UDI later rejects your application for protection, it may mean that you no longer have permission to stay in Norway and must return to your home country. To get a residence permit, you must apply again, and the conditions for a new first-time residence permit must be met. Even if you get a new residence permit, it will take longer before you can get permanent residence in Norway. 

What happens if your permit to reside in Norway becomes invalid?

If your permit loses its validity, UDI will assess your need for protection based on the situation in your home country. This may be relevant if:

  • UDI revokes your permit, or you are deported.
  • There is a change in your personal circumstances which may invalidateyour permit. In such case, you must document the change. For example, if a condition for your permit is that you live with your child, and you no longer do so, you have to document that the child lives elsewhere.

Are you exposed to violence or coercive behaviour in Norway from someone close to you?

There are several people who can help you.

  • In urgent and life-threatening situations, call 112 (police) or 113 (ambulance). If you are not in an emergency, but need contact with the police, call 02800.
  • If you need to talk to someone, you can call the VO line at 116 006. The VO line is a helpline for those who experience violence or abuse in close relationships. See (external website) for information in several languages.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you can call the emergency line for children and youths (Alarmtelefonen for barn og unge) at 116 111. This is a free service for children and young people who are exposed to violence, abuse and neglect. See (external website) for information in several languages.

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