Want to apply Applying for protection (asylum) when you are not in Norway

If you are not in Norway, you cannot apply for protection (asylum). The UNHCR decides who they propose as resettlement refugees to Norway.

What is a resettlement refugee?

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) can help you who are a refugee. One of the solutions they offer is that you may be offered protection in another country than the one you are in now. This is known as being a resettlement refugee (quota refugee).

How to become a resettlement refugee

Who can become a resettlement refugee in Norway?

  • If you are to come to Norway as a resettlement refugee, the UNHCR have to send your application to Norway.
  • UDI considers the application from the UNHCR, and decides whether or not you can come to Norway.
  • You cannot send an application to become a resettlement refugee in Norway directly to UDI. UDI does not ask the UNHCR to send us the application of a specific person.

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