Renewing residence permits for frontier workers or family members of a frontier worker

Requirements for the applicant 

  • you are currently a frontier worker who started working or initiated business activities in Norway by the end of 31 December 2020, or 
  • you are a family member of a UK national frontier worker who meets the requirements given above 
  • you live abroad 

How to apply 

1. Gather the documents you need

You must document your current situation when you apply to renew your residence permit. The selection of documents you must submit with your application depends on the situation that applies to you. When filling in your application form, a list of the documents you need to submit will be generated for you. You will also receive this list in an email after you have submitted your application. The types of documents we ask you to provide may include: 

    • valid national ID card or passport 
    • contract of employment 
    • documentation of your status as a self-employed person 

2. Fill in the application form

3. Submit any required documentation and identify yourself with the police

Most applicants do not have to submit any supporting documentation. They only need to meet up in person with the police to identify themselves. Those applicants who are required to submit documentation are to submit digitised versions of their documents online.   

After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted. Attached to this email is a summary of your application which also contains a list of any documents required for your application. If you only need to have your identity confirmed, the email will state that you are to present yourself at a police station along with proper identification (i.e. your passport or national ID card).   

If you only need to have your identity confirmed 
If your application summary states that you are only required to document your identity with the police, you do not need to do anything else straight away. After a while, the police will send you an email confirming that they have opened a case. After the police have made a decision regarding your residence permit, they will send you another email asking you to book an appointment to confirm your identity. Do not try to book an appointment until you receive the email instructing you to do so. Please note that appointment availability varies from police station to police station due to differences in workloads, and the waiting time for appointments may be longer in your municipality than in others.    

If you have to submit documentation for your application 
If your application summary states that documents are required, the police will later follow up by sending you an email, instructing you how to upload your documents electronically. It is not possible to submit documents until you have received this email. It may take some time before you receive this email from the police. 

Some time after you have uploaded your documents, you will receive a new email from the police asking you to book an appointment with them to confirm your identity. Do not try to book an appointment before you are instructed to do so. It is not possible to meet with the police without an appointment.