Additional investigations in case processing

In some cases, UDI must do additional investigations in your case, and then it may take longer for you to receive an answer.

Doing additional investigations may involve that we have to:  

  • check that information you have given us is correct or if the documents you have provided are genuine  
  • check that your identity is correct  
  • request a DNA test from you and your family member  
  • summon you and your family member to an interview with the police or the embassy  

You have to wait longer for an answer when UDI has to do additional investigations. 

It is difficult to estimate your waiting time if we have to do additional investigations.  

How long it takes depends on what information or documents we need to confirm or how much research it takes to confirm what we need to investigate.  

If the additional investigations include DNA tests or interviews, there may be variations in the waiting time at the police and the embassy. 

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