'Adequate' knowledge of Norwegian or Sami

You do not need Norwegian language tuition to be granted Norwegian citizenship or a permanent residence permit if you can show us a decision from your municipality documenting that you have adequate knowledge of the Norwegian or Sami language.

If you have adequate knowledge of Norwegian, you do not need to pass the test for Norwegian language (the requirement about passing the test only applies if you apply after 1 January 2017).

You have adequate knowledge if you have

  • passed Norwegian Test 2 or 3 (Norskprøve 2 or 3), written and oral tests, or the Bergen Test, or passed all the four parts of the Norwegian language test at minimum A2 level: oral, listening, reading and written presentation, or
  • completed ordinary tuition in Norwegian or Sami in primary/lower secondary school or upper secondary school and been given a final assessment grade, or
  • completed Norwegian or Sami studies at a university or university college in Norway or abroad corresponding to 30 credits, or
  • met the admission requirement and been offered admission to studies conducted in Norwegian or Sami at a university or university college in Norway.

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