How can I book an appointment at the embassy/VFS application centre?

When you fill in your application electronically, you select the country you are applying from. You will then receive information about which embassy is responsible for receiving your application and sending it to UDI. On the receipt page of the application, there will in most cases be information about where you must meet.

On the website of the embassy or VFS application centre, you will find information on how to hand in your application documents. At some meeting points, you must book an appointment, while at other meeting points you can meet directly.

Applications for citizenship

When filling in the online application form, please choose the embassy or consulate closest to you. When handing in your documents on the checklist, please go to the embassy/consulate you selected in the application form or the Norwegian embassy or consulate-general which is easiest for you to get to (external website). You must book an appointment in advance.