There are long waiting times to get an appointment at the police where I live. Can I book an appointment in another police district?

No, you must book an appointment with the police closest to where you live or where you are going to live. If there are several police stations accepting applications in the police district you belong to, you must choose one of those as a meeting place when filling in your application.

After you have sent the application, it is unfortunately not possible to change the place of attandance to submit the case or documents. The application is sent exclusively to the police station you chose and is not accessible for other police stations. If there are no free appointments at the meeting place you selected, you must check for free appointments later.

If you have chosen the wrong place of attendance, you must fill in, send, and pay for a new application. In the new application, you must choose the correct place of attendance to submit your application. If you paid a fee for the first application, you must contact the police (external website) you sent the first application to and request a refund.