Clarified identity in citizenship cases

When you apply for Norwegian citizenship, it is a requirement that your identity must have been clarified. If you have submitted a passport from your home country, this will normally be approved.

Requirements for applicants who were born abroad

  • You must submit a passport from your home country. The passport can be expired.
  • There must not be any doubts that the information in your passport is correct. 

Requirements for applicants who were born in Norway

  • If you are born in Norway, and registered in the national Registry (Folkeregisteret), you do not have to submit a passport.

Special requirements for some groups

  • Applicants who have been granted protection (asylum)

  • Applicants from Somalia

  • Applicants who came to Norway when they were under 18 years old, and have at least one parent with a clarified identity

  • Other persons who can be given an exemption to the requirement for submitting a passport

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