What documents must I hand in?

When applying for a Schengen visa, you must submit the documents from the checklist on the website of the embassy responsible for your application. You need to hand in these documents to start the application process.

Participants of Norway Cup are required to hand in the following documents in addition:

  • A sheet of paper/document showing the name of the football team and listing the names and ages of all players and team leaders.
  • A document showing the league/division of your team in your home country or a document which shows which organisation (for example the UN) you are supported by.
  • An invitation letter from Norway Cup.

Team members should enclose one of the following documents with their applications:

  • Confirmation that they have received NORAD funding.
  • Confirmation that they have purchased a Norway Cup package for NOK 3 350.
  • Parents’ bank account statements for the past three months (for minors).
  • Their own bank statements for the past three months (for participants 18 years old and over).

Additional documentation required for players under the age of 18:

  • A birth certificate or other document showing the family relation between you and your parents.
  • Consent from both your parents or from a person with parental responsibility for you. If only one of your parents is alive or has sole custody, it must be documented.
    • We recommend that you use UDI’s consent form for Norway Cup: UDI’s consent form for Norway Cup (pdf, 518 kB). Please note, this form must be notarised by a notary public. (If it is not possible to get documents notarised by a notary public in your home country, we may make an exception to this requirement).
    • You must also hand in copies of the passports of either both parents or of those who have parental responsibility for you.

If you are a team manager or coach:

  • Enclose a document showing your role with the team you are traveling with.

Adult participants, managers and coaches must document ties to their home country/country of residency in the best way possible, by documenting for example

  • studies
  • work
  • property
  • a spouse or family members who you are supporting