Communication strategies used for prevention campaigns (2013)

This ad hoc query concerns campaigns aiming to inform (possible) migrants in third countries about the risks and disadvantages of illegal migration.


Ad Hoc Query on communication strategies used for prevention campaigns (pdf, 170 kB)


Belgium wants to create an information campaign aimed at would-be migrants in different migrant-sending countries in order to spread information about the risks of irregular migration. In this context, they wonder if any other EMN Members have experiences with such information campaigns.

The following questions were asked:

  1. Did your country organize any information campaigns in third countries aimed at preventing illegal migration to your country?
  2. In which third countries?
  3. Who was involved in the campaigns (embassies, Immigration Office, Ministries, IOM, NGOs…)?
  4. What were the themes of the campaigns (human trafficking, the abuse of the asylum procedure, legal ways to migrate or the risks of illegal migrations…)?
  5. Which communication tools were used (internet, print materials, videos, special events…)? Were there specific communication tools developed dependent on the target group? Please specify.
  6. Were you able to measure the impact or evaluate the results?
  7. Did you adopt a communication strategy for the campaigns? If yes, please explain. Do you intend to define a different strategy for future campaigns? Which one?
  8. Please could you give us a contact person?

15 countries responded to the query. Most had not carried out such campaigns, but Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Portugal had experiences with such campaigns geared at different countries of origin.

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