Internal Rules in Reception Facilities (2013)


Ad-Hoc Query on Internal Rules in Reception Facilities  (pdf, 303 kB)


This ad hoc query concerns implementation of the Reception Conditions Directive.

In accordance with the Reception Conditions Directive (2003/9/EC) article 16 (3), “Member States may determine sanctions applicable to serious breaching of the rules of the accommodation centres as well as to seriously violent behaviour.” The Luxemburgish legislation foresees that social aid can be reduced or withdrawn in case of serious offence to the internal rules of the reception facilities.

Luxembourg wonders how other EU Member States have implemented article 16(3), asking the following questions:

  1. Does your Member State have established Internal Rules for Reception Facilities?
  2. If yes:
    1. Are these internal rules applicable to all the Reception Facilities in your Member State or has each Reception Facility its own rules?
    2. What aspects are regulated by these internal rules?
    3. Does your Member State have a catalogue of offences which will be sanctioned with the reduction or withdrawal of the reception conditions?
    4. Do these internal rules grant the authorities of the reception facility a discretion for applying the sanctions, depending on the seriousness of the conduct? Or are the sanctions predetermined for each type of violation? Could you provide a copy of the internal rules for Reception Facilities (in English if possible)?

19 countries responded to the query. Almost all had nation-wide rules for reception facilities. 

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