Contested Conditionality in Return and Readmission EU policy and Norway 2022

The report discusses the links between foreign policy and developmental aid on the one hand and return and readmission policy on the other.

It suggests some criteria for distinguishing between problematic and constructive approaches to conditionality in return and readmission policy. Recommendations are set out in three sections and presented in bullet points.

  1. Strengthen collaboration between the immigration authorities and development actors.
  2. Address policy dilemmas both regarding Norway’s role vis-à-vis the EU and regarding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ role in Norway’s whole-of-government approach.
  3. Introduce more targeted mobility schemes in order to facilitate dialogue with origin states on return and readmission.


Contested Conditionality in Return and Readmission: EU policy and the case of Norway (2022) (pdf, 372 kB)

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