Migration and development (2012)

On 18 June 2012 EMN Norway organised the conference "Migration and development". On this page you may download some of the presentations, a report summarising the conference and the minutes from the cluster meeting.


Migration and Development Conference Report (pdf, 120 kB)

Piper: A Comprehensive Approach: Global, Regional and National Challenges and Solutions (ppt, 2 MB)

Nicolas: Update on Philippine Migration Management, Structure and Programs (ppt, 2 MB)

Carling: Remittances Between Integration, Transnationalism and Development (ppt, 3 MB)

Frankenhaeuser: Current Trends in view of the UN High Level Dialogue (ppt, 491 kB)

Nordby: Migration and Development, the Road Ahead? (ppt, 67 kB)

Migration and Development Cluster Meeting Report (pdf, 88 kB)

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