Submitting information in forms and emails

Contact UDI via

On UDI's website, you can contact UDI via contact forms and by email.

Forms and emails are sent through encrypted lines.

UDI asks that you do not send sensitive data or information of a private nature via contact forms or by email.

Contact UDI by email

As a general rule, all emails sent to UDI are public.

We keep a public mail journal of all outgoing and incoming correspondence, which normally states the names of the sender and recipient and the date of the document and gives a brief description of the document's content.

Everyone who wishes can request access to the Directorate of Immigration's public mail journal.

Therefore, you should not send us emails with information that you do not want to become public knowledge. If the document contains confidential information, this information will not be visible in the mail journal and it will be blanked out before access to the document is granted.

The use of email has weaknesses in terms of security. UDI asks you never to send sensitive data or information of a private nature via email. Emails should preferably be used for simple questions. 

Emails to UDI's Information Service

Information Service has a joint inbox for email.

All emails that Information Service personnel reply to are stored for one month and then deleted.

If the enquiry is of a more complex nature relating to regulations, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department. A copy of the enquiry is sent to the archive.

Registration forms

Registration forms at are used for various conferences and seminars organised by UDI.

Only the organiser, webmaster and administrator have access to the information you submit to UDI via registration form. The information is only used in connection with the event and is deleted once the event is over.