How can I withdraw my application and get a refund of the application fee?

If you want a refund of an application fee, you must contact the relevant embassy (external website) that is responsible for your application. UDI cannot help you with reimbursement.

The application fee may only be refunded if you have not attended an appointment and submitted the application in person.

If you have completed the wrong application form, you must register a new application. To get a refund of the application fee for the first application, you must contact the relevant embassy (external website).

If you want to withdraw an application before you have attended an appointment in person to submit the application documents, you must contact the embassy you selected in the application form and request a refund of the fee.

You will find more information about refund of an application fee here.

When we receive the information that you want to withdraw your application, UDI will dismiss your case and send you a written confirmation of the dismissal.