What do I need to remember after I have handed in my application?

Please renew your permit if you do not hold a permanent residence permit.

  • Your residence permit must be valid both when you apply for Norwegian citizenship and throughout the period when your application is being processed.
  • Applying for Norwegian citizenship does not mean that you have a valid permit to stay in Norway. If you do not have a permanent residence permit, it is therefore very important that you renew the residence permit you have in the normal manner no more than one month before it expires. 
  • If you do not hold a valid residence permit when UDI is making a decision in your case, you risk having your application rejected.

Please notify us if you change your postal address.

In order for your decision to reach you as quickly as possible, it is important that you notify us if you change your postal address from the one found in your application.

Please notify us if your situation changes

You must notify UDI if something happens that may have a bearing on your application for Norwegian citizenship.

This could for example be that

  • you plan to travel abroad, for example to work or study
  • you no longer live with or are married to the person named as your cohabitant/spouse in your application.