Do you have new information about income in your UDI application?

UDI often needs to ask for updated information in UDI applications. These requests take time. You can help us by giving us new information about your situation, where relevant. 

If you have given us information about your reference person's income (your family member in Norway's income), we need updated information if the reference person

  • has a new employment contract - we need a copy of the employment contract
  • has left their job - we need a written explanation
  • has received a new decision letter from NAV about sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental benefit, disability pension or retirement pension - we need a copy of the decision letter
  • has received a new decision letter about student loan or grant – we need a copy of the decision letter 

If the reference person is self-employed - we need

  1. a copy of the accounts for the period after the last tax year with information on income and expenses where the profit (result) appears (if applicable, confirmation from an accountant showing the profits of the company after the last tax year) and
  2. a copy of the tax return with all the necessary supporting documents (income statement etc.) 

Upload your documents 

Please upload documents to your UDI application here (external website) 

Please log in with your user account. This is a secure way to submit documents and enables us to quickly file the documents with your application. 

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