Who can be summoned for a DNA test?

  • In some countries, it is difficult to obtain birth certificates and other documents that are accepted by the Norwegian authorities. In some cases, UDI will therefore ask for a DNA analysis of the applicant and the reference person. We do this so that you can document that you are related. 
  • These countries are Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and all African countries south of the Sahara (except South Africa).
  • If this applies to you, we will summon you for testing. If you are in Norway, you will go to the police to take the test. If you are abroad, you will normally take the test at the Norwegian embassy in the country where you handed in the application.
  • How long it will take before you are summoned, depends on the embassy's and the police's capacity.
  • You do not have to pay anything for the test, but you must cover your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • The DNA test is carried out by comparing saliva samples taken from the mouth of each of the family members. The test will show whether you are related. If the test shows that you are not related, you will be able to give a statement. When UDI processes the application, we will take this statement into consideration.
  • UDI may require you to take a DNA test to verify that you are related. You can still choose not to take the test, but if you do not have a particular reason for not taking the DNA test, we will probably reject your application.