Choose digital mail – receive an answer sooner

Do you live in Norway and have a Norwegian identification number? Then you may be able to choose digital mail and receive an answer to your application sooner.

Published: 07.12.2015 - Last changed: 19.06.2020

If you have a digital mailbox, you do not have to wait for our letter to be sent by ordinary post. You can save up to two weeks' waiting time with a digital mailbox. With a digital mailbox, you can open your letter from anywhere in the world.

What is a digital mailbox?

  • A digital mailbox is a website where you can log in and read letters from UDI and other Norwegian public agencies.
  • A digital mailbox is secure. We can therefore send you letters there that we cannot send you by email.
  • You will be notified by SMS or email when a new letter is available in your digital mailbox.
  • More information about the digital mailbox.

To create a digital mailbox account, you need the following:

You can also log in to ID-porten using the electronic IDs Buypass (external website) or Commfides (external website).

How to get a digital mailbox

Once you have created a digital mailbox account, we and other public agencies will start sending letters to your digital mailbox.

Is it not possible for you to get a digital mailbox?

  • You can authorise someone who is able to get a digital mailbox.
  • This person can receive the decision from us in their digital mailbox. 

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