Digital mailbox

If you choose a digital mailbox solution, you will receive your letters from us sooner, and you can read them wherever you are.

If you have a digital mailbox, you do not have to wait for our letter to be sent by ordinary post. You can save up to two weeks' waiting time if you have a digital mailbox.

When you choose a digital mailbox, you will no longer receive letters from us by ordinary post. The digital mailbox is free to set up and use.

To create a digital mailbox account, you need the following:

You can also log in to ID-porten using the electronic IDs Buypass (external website) or Commfides (external website).

Because of these requirements, not everyone can have a digital mailbox. For example, you cannot have one if you have never lived in Norway. If you do not have a digital mailbox, you will receive your letters from the UDI by regular post.

Questions and answers about the digital mailbox

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  • Do I have to have a digital mailbox?

  • Can I let other people read my digital mail?

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