Who could apply to take part in the programme?

Applicants had to meet all the criteria in the list below to be part of the programme.

The programme was for you who

  • are an Iraqi citizen, and
  • received a residence permit before 31 December 2010 even though we knew there were doubts about your identity, and
  • have a residence permit on other grounds than the need for protection (asylum), and
  • are registered in the Kurdish Autonomous Region (KRG) or Kirkuk, and
  • have an Iraqi ID card showing the family number (either your own, or your father's, brother's or spouse's if the couple is registered as married in the civil registry in KRG or Kirkuk), and
  • had not yet been granted Norwegian citizenship, and
  • applied for citizenship no later than 1 September 2020

It was possible to apply both if you had applied for Norwegian citizenship earlier and gotten a rejection, and if you had not applied for Norwegian citizenship before.