Information about the waiting time for asylum seekers from Afghanistan

The waiting time to get an interview and an answer to the application

Some applicants receive an answer to the application within 21 days of applying. Many must wait longer.

We conduct most interviews in person. We conduct some interviews online (Teams).

The waiting time for the interview

We will interview most people who applied before December 2021 by the end of January 2022. You will be notified of the date and time of the interview in due course.

Have you been interviewed by UDI and not received an answer?

We will process some applications shortly after the interview, while other applications must wait to be processed.

If we are waiting to process your application, you will receive a letter from us. We must put some applications on hold because the situation in Afghanistan is too unclear for us to assess the need for protection. It is unclear exactly what is happening in Afghanistan so soon after the Taliban took power. There are conflicting messages, and it is difficult for us to know which information is correct or not.

Do you have documents that you have not handed in?

You can find information on how to hand in documents here (external website)