Will UDI process applications for family immigration from Afghanistan faster?

UDI has previously decided that the reference person in Norway can submit an application on behalf of close relatives in Afghanistan. However, more examinations are often needed, such as DNA testing and interviews.

Applications may take time because

  • the applicant who will be interviewed still has to meet at a VFS Application Centre in Pakistan. If the case investigations include a DNA test, the applicant has to meet in person at the embassy in Islamabad to conduct the DNA test. 
  • the reference person must conduct an interview with the police in Norway. 
  • applicants who have received a residence permit in Norway must meet at a VFS Application Centre in Pakistan to obtain an entry visa to Norway. 

Due to this, the waiting time will be as long as the waiting time for applicants from other countries, where similar examinations must be done. Here you will find more information regarding the estimated waiting time for applications submitted last year.

Although UDI monitors the situation in Afghanistan, no general priority has been given because the applicant is in Afghanistan. Applicants who want priority must request this, and an individual assessment will be made. 

If you have further questions regarding the prioritization of your application, you can use our guide to check if your case can be moved to the front of the queue